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RaindropsI love summer thunderstorms. Especially when it’s been really hot and humid out for days, this primal part of me sees the skies get dark and the distant rumbles of the storm getting ready and feels excited, like something huge is about to happen. The other day I left work as the clouds were quickly covering the sky, and as my train made its way home the rain was coming down in waves and streaking down the side windows.

It was still raining when I got off (as you can see by the water on my umbrella) but at the same time there was a section of the sky that had already cleared, and the sun was reflecting off everything. I was concentrating so much on not stepping in any of the large puddles that had filled up everywhere as I was walking home that I almost missed something wonderful.

You’ll Never See a Rainbow If You’re Not Willing to Stand in the Rain

As I crossed the street I overheard a child’s voice saying, “LOOK!” I turned to look at the little boy, and then turned back to my other side to look at what he was pointing at. It took me a moment, but then I realized that there was a huge rainbow crossing over the street I had just walked down. It was right above me the whole time, but because I was too busy looking down I would have totally missed it if the little boy hadn’t been there to point it out.

Rainbow on Main Street

What else do we miss every day because we’re so focused on avoiding the puddles and the rain?

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